December 24, 2009

Christmas Braai with Tanit, Tracy and Vanessa
In South Africa we’re lucky to celebrate the festive season during our warm summer months, so what better to kick off the holidays with a Christmas-themed braai? We paired 3 top models, Tanit Phoenix, Tracy McGregor and Vanessa Marawa with 3 top local chefs, Jan Scannel, Justin Bonello and Cheyne Morrisby, for a cooking lesson on interesting and mouthwatering dishes straight from the braai!

November 2009


Meet Cheyne Morrisby, the South African chef who made Kate Moss eat. Maybe it had something to do with these recipes: crispy duck with cucumber, papaya and sweet miso, caramelised butterfish with sake sauce and soba noodles, and caramel banana brioche with peanut butter ice cream.